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Full-Size Logo paver pictured above

The Al and Lou Raether memorial garden makes it easy to show or celebrate an important milestone, accomplishment, birth, friendship, a lifesaving event or remembrance. An etched paver is a wonderful and easy way to share your gratitude and appreciation for your loved one.

Paver donations will be accepted based on available space. Just select a paver size, an appropriate message and send form along with your donation to: Lakeshore Humane Society, 1551 N. 8th St., Manitowoc, WI 54220, or order online.

Memorial Garden Order Form (PDF)

Paver NameDescriptionPaver Size W x L (inches)Donation ($)
Petite12 characters per line, 3 lines4 X 8100
Standard20 characters per line, 5 lines8 X 16350
Standard LogoCompany Logo - photo ready artwork8 X 16450
Full-Size20 characters per line, 7 lines16 X 16650
Full-Size LogoCompany Logo - photo ready artwork16 X 16750
Order Online
Etched Text Line 1
Etched Text Line 2
Etched Text Line 3 - Up to 3 text lines for 4 x 8 paver size
Etched Text Line 4
Etched Text Line 5 - Up to 5 text lines for 8 x 16 paver size
Etched Text Line 6
Etched Text Line 7 - Up to 7 text lines for 16 x 16 paver size

Please email photo ready logo to